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Go Without, Go Within

This is a very simple exercise for cultivating appreciation and compassion, that can be done by anyone at any time. How it Works 1) Go Without Give something up for a day (or for as long as you can). 2) Go Within Discover a new...

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Changing the World

“Why do you want to change the world? Because you want the world to be more to your liking. But if you try to change the world, that means you have an agenda and where there is agenda there is attachment. Attachment means you want this but you don’t want that. But whenever you don’t want something, you make it more powerful, because you resist it. With an agenda you may succeed in bringing about what you want, but you will also be feeding what you don’t want and this is bound to manifest at some point in time. Consequently very little is achieved.

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Brexit Consciousness

Is the sun setting or rising for the UK?
What are the emotions that are coming to the surface following the UK’s vote to leave the EU? Where does the anger & blame come from? How is it that so many people feel lied to, that they are not being heard and that something has been taken away from them?

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Are we single-self organisms?

I was putting the finishing touches to my book when I came across an article I wrote back in 2006 which, for some reason, never saw the light of day, and so I have decided to publish it below: *** Mind is like a mortgage; it...

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Four Yorkshiremen

One of my all time favourite sketches. I’m sure most of us will know at least one person who behaves like this and tries to prove that they are worse off than everyone else. Is it our programming to compete or is it simply...

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