This website exists to offer a new perspective on our experiences as spiritual beings in a physical world. It offers us the opportunity to journey from separation to connectedness and on to Oneness.

The perspective of The Light Within is that there is a light within each and every one of us. This light is the essence of who we are. This light can guide, inspire, uplift, bring healing and offer new possibilities.

The light within me is the same light within you. When we connect to the light within we find that we are not separate individuals after all – it is only our tendency to be outwardly-focused that causes us to believe that we are separate.

We have physical bodies and appear to be separate from one another, but our physical existence is just a temporary expression of our eternal essence. Beyond the temporal expressions in the physical world we are eternal, timeless beings who, at our innermost core, form one collective Being.

By realising the underlying reality that we are all from the same source, and all carry the same light within us, we can learn that we no longer need to give our power away to other people. We learn that we can look within to find the true source which will meet all of our spiritual needs.

The Old Illusion

  • You learned that you are a separate individual, that your needs must be met by acquiring something from outside of you, that you need other people to fulfil those needs and that you must jostle for position to get what you need. You learned that there is not enough to go round. You learned that being true to yourself means enduring a life of poverty and suffering. You learned that other people have to behave in a certain way and circumstances in the outer world must be just right before you can be happy.
  • You learned that the route to happiness is to satisfy other people’s requirements by obeying their rules. This creates a pattern in which we constantly seek other people’s approval. When it appears that we are not getting approval from someone or not getting the support we want, this feeds a negative self-image we have in which we believe we are not good enough, that we have done something wrong or that we are bad people.
  • You learned that when you experience illness or sickness that means that you are broken in some way and that you need someone else to fix you.
  • You learned to give your power away to other people by believing that they are the cause of your suffering and that they are the only ones who can make you happy.

The New Perspective

  • The Truth is within you, not outside of you.
  • What you see when you look out through the eyes of your physical body are merely expressions of the Truth which are distorted in varying degrees. Some of these expressions have been distorted so much that it is almost impossible to discern even the slightest grain of truth within them.
  • Who you are has two aspects: your inner essence and your outer expression. Who you are in essence is non-physical, eternal and unchanging. Who you are in your physical expression is temporal and subject to constant change. Your physical existence is an expression of your inner reality.
  • The purpose of this path of spiritual unfolding is to remember who you really are and make your life an expression of the inner Truth.
  • There is only one inner Truth. It is formless and beyond all description. This inner Truth is found when we develop the discipline to enter into the silence of our Being which means going beyond our thoughts and feelings.
  • Who you are in essence cannot die and cannot become sick. You are not broken and you do not need to be fixed. Whatever you think is wrong with you is an illusion created by your mind. Your physical body or your mind may be experiencing varying degrees of limitation but you are not your mind or your body. If you focus too much attention on trying to fix your body you run the risk of buying into the concept that you are a separate individual, that you are not whole and that you need to seek help from some external being in order to experience health and wholeness. But this is not true. You are always whole.
  • You do not need external teachers or healers to find the Truth. You only need an earnest commitment to your own enlightenment. You do not need to show devotion to any external teacher or god. The only devotion required is to your commitment to realising who you really are.
  • Once you remember who you really are all questions will cease and you will naturally and spontaneously know what you need to do at any time.
  • Appreciating the non-physical aspects of life is a good way to develop the sensitivity required to tune in to your inner essence.
  • Once you have tuned in to your inner essence, your purpose becomes to make your physical life an expression of that inner essence. This is what is meant by the phrases “walking your talk” and “living your truth”.
  • When we talk about spiritual development, it is not the Self which requires development because the Self – who you really are – is unchanging and in need of no development. The development we refer to is the constant refining of our expression of that inner Truth. We could say that the goal of life then becomes to produce more joyful and more uplifting expressions of the Truth, to share those expressions and encourage others to seek the Truth within them too.
  • Healing will come from within, from the shared consciousness when you connect with others who are living the Truth.
  • We remember who we really are by cultivating positive spiritual qualities, weeding out negative tendencies, un-learning our limiting programs and making a commitment to our spiritual growth.
  • Learning to follow your own guidance is an essential aspect of this new perspective.
  • You have the power to change your life for the better. Creating a new reality for yourself starts by tuning in to the essence of what you want rather than focusing on the details or of how it might come into being.
  • Make decisions and take action from a position of feeling good. If you don’t feel good, don’t waste time and energy thinking about what you could do to change your life – instead focus your attention on thoughts which give rise to good feelings and continue to feed those good feelings with even more good-feeling thoughts.When we perceive life from a position of feeling good we find that new ideas arise quite spontaneously and a new direction presents itself quite naturally.