“Nobody understands me. I try to explain to them but they just don’t listen. It’s not safe for me to express how I really feel because they’ll twist what I say and use it against me. Sometimes I wonder if we even belong to the same species or come from the same planet. I know they’ve got it wrong but they don’t seem to be hearing me and they insist on making me live by their stupid rules – except they don’t tell me what all of the rules are so I keep breaking them without even realising it. Nothing I do can ever be good enough for them. I’ll never be good enough in their eyes.

I have this constant fear that I’m running out of something, that there’s not enough, that something is lacking. I’m always running out of time and feel like I never have enough money. Surely this can’t be right? It doesn’t feel right. It feels like someone could take what’s mine at any moment. I feel so unsafe, scared and alone.

They change things without even telling me, let alone asking my permission or opinion beforehand. I’m not allowed to do what I want to do because they won’t let me. There’s always someone in charge, making the rules. But who put them in charge? Who made them an authority? What makes them so special? It’s one rule for them and another for everyone else.

Even the people who promise to liberate us do the same thing – they lock us in to their own world of control. I feel cheated. This isn’t what I signed up for. I’m being ripped off. I’m being abused and taken advantage of.

If I do ever get what I want I feel guilty because for me to have what I want means taking it from someone else. But how come nobody else seems concerned about this? They just take what they want and disregard the consequences.

I feel completely smothered by their thoughts, suffocated by their smells, deafened by their noises. I feel contaminated by being here. I can’t stand to think that I am one of them. I just want to escape and get as far away as possible.

I bottle up my thoughts and feelings so much that in the end it all comes out in a big explosion. I get so angry it’s like a volcano exploding. But then they just think I’m crazy and wonder what’s wrong with me. Then I feel even worse. I start to wonder if it’s me who has got it all wrong, not them. Maybe I am crazy. I feel completely trapped. I can’t express what I feel to be true but if I don’t it feels like it’s going to destroy me.

I’ve never been able to truly find my voice because I’m always being told what to do. As I get older I forget who I am, so I don’t know what I want anymore. Unable to create a true and free expression of myself I get drawn into conflicts and “other people” become the source of all my unhappiness. I feel like I’ve been lied to. People keep saying that my “issues” are caused by something that happened in my childhood but it’s not true. The seeds of these feelings were sown when I came into this world because they are part of the fabric of the cloak I was made to wear when I was born – the cloak of separation.

I began to see that everyone feels threatened and is simply trying to survive. Believing themselves to be separate beings they try to protect their individuality at all costs – to feel that they are in charge of their own lives. But they’re not, and this leads to all kinds of nonsensical behaviour. They become obsessed with all kinds of fictions and unrealities. They talk about them incessantly to the point where I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m going to pass out and I just want to scream.

I remember all of this but I can’t get anyone to understand. The more I figure out the more it feels like there is a force pressing against me, trying to stop me from finding the final piece of the puzzle. It feels like I’m being drugged, like a veil is being drawn across my eyes, like I’m drifting into a deep forgetful sleep. If I allow that to happen I’ll have to start all over again.”

Does this story sound familiar to you? Do parts of it resonate with you, or have you heard stories like this from people you know? What I would like to suggest is that this story is not the product of a traumatic childhood, but that it is a natural by-product of being human. Collective human consciousness is limited by a set of parameters or “agreed upon” limitations. To illustrate this idea I would like to offer a visual image: imagine that a sheet of bubble wrap represents human consciousness and human existence. Each person is an individual pocket of air within a single bubble. The sheet itself defines the parameters for experience. If you try to expand your consciousness you will pull on the fabric of collective consciousness which, in turn, will be pulling back as the majority of other people attempt to keep their lives intact and stay where they are. If you expand so far your bubble will pop and you will experience human consciousness from outside of the bubble.

Because we have lived inside of the bubble for so long we identify with the outer shell of the bubble just as much as the air within it. Therefore, not only do we feel the resistance of the sheet itself, we also feel our own resistance to “popping” because we fear that to do so would signify our own destruction.

The parameters which define the extent of accepted expression are kept in place because the largest group of people resonate to the frequency of control and separation. For someone to change his frequency would mean getting in touch with all of the fear and unhappiness mentioned in our story. Out of fear the majority prefers to stay put. If you pop your bubble and escape from it, people won’t be able to see you or hear you because they can’t see beyond their own bubbles.

Maintaining awareness of “beyond the bubble consciousness” whilst remaining inside the bubble is an almighty challenge but it is the only way to expand the parameters of the sheet of collective consciousness. By broadcasting a frequency of “beyond the bubble consciousness” from within my bubble I send waves of communication out through the sheet. According to the various principles of resonance and harmonics, this communication can have a number of effects:

  • It can help me to connect with other individuals who also carry some kind of “beyond the bubble consciousness”
  • It can bring into my conscious awareness more aspects of “beyond the bubble consciousness” and other ways of feeding this expansion of consciousness
  • It can help to awaken people who feel that the lock-in exists but don’t know what to do about it

De-personalising our stories

When we see that our individual stories of separation, aloneness and pain are not unique we can choose to discard them. We can throw off our personal stories of sorrow and see that we are all living out a collective drama. It’s not personal so we don’t need to take it personally. We can de-personalise our experience and say “I’m just experiencing what anyone would experience in this situation”.

What are the limits to our creativity?

If we use our bubble wrap metaphor to look at the subject of creating our own reality, what we find is that we can create anything we want within the bounds of our own beliefs and within the bounds of the overall belief system of the group. What this means is that, if you are the only person in the room who believes in healing and there are several people present who do not believe in healing, the chances of you being able to bring about healing are greatly diminished. If you are in a family situation where you are the only one with an expansive viewpoint as opposed to the more conservative viewpoints of the rest of the family, you will not experience a healthy expression of that expansiveness – you will feel instead the collective resistance to change. If you live in a culture which includes levitation as part of its accepted reality you will find it easier to levitate than you would if you lived in a culture which did not accept that levitation was possible – only, of course, to the extent that you are able to believe it yourself.

In terms of creating abundance, being lucky, winning the lottery and landing a well paid job are all acceptable outcomes in our society – they do not violate any of the rules of collective conscious experience. But manifesting money out of thin air would not be possible because it would not fit into the framework of acceptable experience. That’s not to say that manifesting something from thin air is not possible – because anything is possible – it’s just that it would not be “allowed” as part of the collective conscious experience. If you became hugely powerful as an individual you would, in theory, be able to override the collective “agreement” and perform “miracles” but, as every action brings a reaction, performing miracles gives rise to more resistance. As some individuals feed the expansion and others pull back, tension builds within the collective experience until something pops. This is what happens when systems, processes and objects which always seemed to work just fine, start to break down and malfunction. We can see this reflected in the collapse of the financial system, in the way people rise up against their governments and the many different ways in which things and relationships break down in our personal lives.

The creation of new worlds

Once enough people awaken to this expansion of consciousness, the fabric of the sheet begins to expand and collective consciousness expands with it. Anyone who is willing to move with this change will experience uplift and feel like they have more room to breathe. It will be like a huge sigh of relief. But anyone who resists the change will feel his life being stretched beyond his control. As soon as the “expanded ones” constitute the largest group, the parameters of the sheet will expand into a new state of normality.

A new world is created, it is preserved for some time until it outlives its purpose, at which point destruction begins which in turn leads to the creation of a new world. As we look at our story in this light we see the unhappiness and limitation as birthing pains of the creation of this new world. As with any birth we find that breathing deeply is the best way to go with the flow. As we breathe in this expanded consciousness we breathe out the resistance to it. In this way the fabric of our collective experience is changed through us, through our conscious intent and alignment. Indeed it is our alignment with Source, with the One, with our True Self, which is the most important ingredient in all our broadcasts about expanded consciousness, because the natural movement of the One is expansion. If we seek to change other people’s minds from the standpoint of some false identity or ego we will simply reinforce their own false identifications.

Any broadcasts in the outer world should be firmly rooted in the inner consciousness of Truth – the truth that expansion is the natural movement for consciousness. Any broadcasts that say we should expand our consciousness in order to effect a particular result will be coming from attachment which in itself is not an expression of expansive consciousness.

Anyone who seeks an expanded experience of consciousness – an opening or awakening – will have a part to play in this grand unfolding. Some will work best through silence, on the inner planes of influence. Others, gifted with creative expression, will translate the non-physical essence of the Truth into physical forms of writing, music, art, building, working with nature and the creation of harmonious communities and workplaces. We each have a role to play because we each carry within us the essence of the One Truth which is who we all are. Each life is an expression of that Truth. We make our lives a clearer expression of that Truth by being true to what we feel inside.

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*** This chapter is taken from my book The Light Within ***