You have been taught to pursue a certain type of perfection that does not exist. Adverts, films and TV programmes create the illusion of perfection that sucks you in and keeps you running around in circles like a hamster in a wheel.

This kind of perfection should not be pursued because it is not real and will lead only to more desire and greater misery.

Instead it is better to learn to see the perfection that already exists in the world. Instead of lusting after the “perfect” body or the “perfect” house, spend your energy contemplating the wonders of nature. Consider how it is that a beautiful flower can come into being from a tiny seed. Consider how it is that so many species manage to coexist on the same planet and how it is that the conditions for life on this planet are just right for human existence.

When you look deeply into these mysteries you will realise that the “perfection” of the perfect body or of the perfect partner is like a one penny sweet compared to the sumptuous feast of the perfection that is staring you in the face every day.

When we consider the kind of perfection being portrayed through our media channels we see that it requires trying to live up to a set of standards created by someone else. It has nothing to do with realising your own beauty or your own abilities. The kind of perfection which is sold to us in advertising is unattainable. Most people will never have the kind of lives which are portrayed in the glossy magazines and brochures and if we did have lives like this we would most likely not find happiness.

We have to be who we are, recognise our own gifts and celebrate our uniqueness rather than trying to fit into some pre-fabricated notion of perfection which is impossible to attain.

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*** This chapter is taken from my book The Light Within ***