The cultivation section is all about the positive qualities we can practise to bring us into greater alignment with our inner essence and to create healthy expressions of that essence. It starts with cultivation qualities which could be termed “yin” qualities as they are essentially passive in nature, promoting a kind of yielding and letting go. Later in the section we explore cultivation qualities which could be better described as yang qualities as they tend to be more active qualities which lead to a true expression of our essence in the outer world.

There are some, but not many, “how to” instructions in this book – this is because it is often not helpful to give too many rigid instructions and sometimes not even possible. As I discuss later in the chapter about development, the intention is to encourage you to tune in to the essence of these qualities rather than spending a lot of time thinking about them. Similarly, by introducing the concept of yin and yang qualities I am encouraging you to tune in to the essence of yin and yang energies or aspects, rather than thinking too much about whether a particular quality really is yin or yang.

Ultimately your development will come, not from the information you absorb from books, but from what comes from within you. The chapters in this section are here, not to tell you what to do but to tease out of you the innate guidance and knowledge which resides within your true Self.

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*** This chapter is taken from my book The Light Within ***