Author: Rob Butler

Playing by other people’s rules

Unless you are one of the fortunate few to have been born to enlightened parents, the importance of playing by other people’s rules will most likely have been drilled into you at a very early age. It all starts in the earliest stages of childhood when our parents make noises and pull faces at us. Mummy and Daddy put on smiley faces and make whooping sounds of delight and baby thinks he has done well. When the parents put on a sad face and make dreary noises, baby thinks he has done something wrong. As this process is repeated baby learns to associate different elements of his behaviour with the various faces and noises. This general process, in which authority figures tell us whether they are pleased or displeased with our behaviour continues at school and in the work place. And because most of our peers have been subjected to the same conditioning, they too get in on the act. Everyone learns that the way to get on in life and to be happy is to play by other people’s rules and make them happy. The logical consequence of this is that we too adopt the belief that other people need to behave in a particular way in order for us to be happy. And if we are unhappy the most natural (conditioned) tendency we have is to look...

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Go Without, Go Within

This is a very simple exercise for cultivating appreciation and compassion, that can be done by anyone at any time. How it Works 1) Go Without Give something up for a day (or for as long as you can). 2) Go Within Discover a new level of appreciation for what you choose to give up and a deeper level of compassion for those people who have no choice but to go without every day. Instead of trying to take your mind off of whatever you are giving up, take the time to reflect on what it would be like to go without it every day. What would it feel like? What difference would it make to your life? How does it feel to be without it? Does it feel comfortable or uncomfortable? What could I go without? Anything that you take for granted, for example: TV, the Internet, your phone Your car Coffee, tea, alcohol Central heating, electricity, hot water A cooked meal, breakfast, snacks It could be anything at all that you would miss if you didn’t have it. The choice is yours and that is an important aspect of this exercise: that you do have a choice to go without whereas some people don’t have that luxury. Alternatively you might choose to go without something less physical, like talking, complaining or criticising, which we are all free...

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Changing the World

“Why do you want to change the world? Because you want the world to be more to your liking. But if you try to change the world, that means you have an agenda and where there is agenda there is attachment. Attachment means you want this but you don’t want that. But whenever you don’t want something, you make it more powerful, because you resist it. With an agenda you may succeed in bringing about what you want, but you will also be feeding what you don’t want and this is bound to manifest at some point in time. Consequently very little is achieved.

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Brexit Consciousness

Is the sun setting or rising for the UK?
What are the emotions that are coming to the surface following the UK’s vote to leave the EU? Where does the anger & blame come from? How is it that so many people feel lied to, that they are not being heard and that something has been taken away from them?

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